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Multibib is a LaTeX package that can be used to create multiple bibliographies in a paper. It is useful for creating several bibliographies, for example one containing Journal articles, one containing textbook references, yet another one containing references to patents; and so on.

The package uses the \newcites command in order to create multiple headings and place appropriate citations under each heading. The package is called in the preamble using a standard command - in this case \usepackage{multibib}.

This is followed by the \newcites command, one instance for each type of bibliography desired.

For example two bibliographies, one for book sources and one for journal articles, can be created by using the following LaTeX sequence in the preamble:

\newcites{book}{Book References}
\newcites{journal}{Journal References}

In the above example the first argument refers to the type of bibliography and the second argument creates the header for the bibliography. The two types of citation can then be used in one or more sentences. For example book and journal references can be placed within a sentence as follows:

This sentence cites a book here \footcitebook{Walpol:2005} and cites a journal \footcitejournal{Steinbeck:2013} here.

The bibliography is created by placing the following sequence at the end of the document or at the end of any desired section:


This is followed by running bibtex once for every instance of bibliography to be created. In this case there are two, so bibtex is to be run twice as follows:

% bibtex book
% bibtex journal

Finally the .tex file has to be compiled, twice for this example. Overleaf automatically executes and repeats these steps as needed, so you won't need to run these manually yourself.

The following is an example of a complete LaTeX code with two bibliographies:

\newcites{book}{Book References}
\newcites{journal}{Journal References}

One of the most authoritative treatises on the phenomenon of 
surface plasmon resonance was written by \cite{Homola:2006}. 
A journal article on the same subject was published by \cite{Merwe:2012}.

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