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  • SSO and enhanced user management for Overleaf Group Professional subscribers

    Posted on May 1, 2024

    Single sign-on (SSO) is now available for Group Professional subscribers. Our SAML SSO improves security, as users only need to remember one set of user credentials, in addition to creating a faster, seamless user experience.

    Many organizations may want to implement both SSO and our recently released Managed Users feature, but they can be implemented independently of each other at any time. Managed Users gives group administrators greater control over user access and deletion, allowing them to centrally manage Overleaf accounts for their group or organization. It also enhances business continuity by ensuring that groups keep control of projects and intellectual property if someone leaves.

    How do I know if my group needs SSO?

    These features are typically preferred by businesses, and government organizations to comply with security best practices. It’s best to consult with your organization’s IT department to understand their requirements and have them assist with implementation. We’ve created documentation to help you or your IT department understand what is involved in setting up SSO to see if it’s right for your group.

    How does Managed Users work?

    The Managed Users feature allows Group Professional admins to create, manage, and delete subscription member accounts. It also enables them to transfer a deleted account’s projects to another member on the subscription.

    If the group admin enables Managed Users for a group, any existing subscription members will be invited to transfer their account to a managed account. They’ll also be provided with clear details about what control their admin will have over their account and how they can keep their personal projects separate.

    There’s full information about how to set up Managed Users and the differences between managed and unmanaged user accounts in our documentation for admins and for users.

    How do I get SSO and Managed Users?

    If you already have an Overleaf Group Professional subscription, SSO and Managed Users are automatically available to you from today. Only the Group Administrator can enable these features, and SSO will most likely require assistance from someone in your IT department.

    If you already have a Group Standard subscription and would like to upgrade, it couldn’t be easier—just contact And if you don’t yet have a group subscription, but you’d like one, take a look at our Plans.

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