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  • Overleaf Server Pro 4.2 is available

    Posted on November 17, 2023

    Update: We've released Server Pro 4.2.1 — this is a hotfix release with a minor fix for the SAML SSO integration. You can read the full release notes here.

    We are pleased to announce Overleaf Server Pro 4.2! This newest release of our on-premises solution includes a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. You can find further information in the official release notes.

    What's new?

    This release includes some noteworthy features:

    • Toolbar in Code Editor: A toolbar has been added to the Code Editor, which provides buttons for basic text styling, and inserting special characters, figures, code for tables, citations, and more.
    • Add and edit tables without writing code: An easier way to create and edit tables is now available in Server Pro 4.2. You can also copy and paste tables and formatted text directly into Visual Editor, without losing the formatting. Check the blog post for more information.
    • New toolbar option — Insert figure: The new  Insert figure feature allows you to upload or just copy and paste an image file from your computer directly into the editor. Please refer to the blog post for more information.
    • Symbol preview in editor autocomplete: Mathematical symbols are now previewed along with the autocomplete options in the editor.
    • Removal of the legacy source editor: As announced with the previous Server Pro releases, the legacy source editor has been removed from the editor. You can read more about the new editing experience on our blog.

    Note that this release separates the web service into an internal API service and a user facing service. Most of the changes in this regard are behind the scenes. The Git integration in Server Pro talks to the Server Pro container "from the outside" and its config needs changing.

    • Toolkit users: please upgrade the toolkit (bin/upgrade) before upgrading to Server Pro 4.2.

    • docker-compose deployments: please update the contents of the GIT_BRIDGE_API_BASE_URL variable:

      -GIT_BRIDGE_API_BASE_URL: "http://sharelatex/api/v0/"
      +GIT_BRIDGE_API_BASE_URL: "http://sharelatex:3000/api/v0/"

    How do I update Server Pro?

    If you’re an existing Overleaf Server Pro customer, learn how to update Overleaf Server Pro 4.2.

    Interested in purchasing Server Pro?

    Start with our open-source, on-premises Community Edition solution, which can be freely self-installed. It will allow your organization to test the installation process and setup prior to purchasing Server Pro.

    We’d be happy to provide more information and demos on Overleaf Server Pro, our on-premises solution, please contact us to start the conversation.

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