Article from Markdown [cover, mobile]

Thiago Machado
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Creative Commons CC BY 4.0
Intended to help me creating tons os articles out of Markdown files, including the article meta-information (such as Title and Author) in a semi-transparent white box in a small cover background. This version (1.2) has the "mobile" option (just uncomment it in main.tex to see it) to have an output more suitable for smartphones. In "mobile" way the image will cover the entire page, toc will also get a full page and sections (and subsections and subsubsections), except if it's the first children, will also clear the page. I did this based on a stackexchange answer but I forgot to copy the URL to reference it. And URLs will be inline. (I'd like to thank Lian Tze Lim! I'm glad I found her blog post about markdown usage on overleaft) Sorry for the Portuguese instructions and the poor tex structure.
Article from Markdown [cover, mobile]